Friday, June 22, 2007


We're flying to Los Angeles today for "Envision" which is Lifewater's annual conference. To give you a feel for it, here are some workshop descriptions. After the conference we are staying for one more training class which will focus on community based teaching strategies.

Global Water & Sanitation Crisis
This fun and interactive workshop will help participants understand the daily struggle of the many people in our world who lack safe water and adequate sanitation. The workshop will feature stories from the front lines of water development, information about Lifewater’s programs, and practical ways to get involved.

Lifewater 101
What does Lifewater do? This workshop presents the basics of Lifewater’s history, mission, and methodology. Lifewater staff and volunteers will explain the various aspects of Lifewater’s work, including the WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) program, community-based project development, advocacy, and funding.

Development: The Fine Line of Sustainable Transformation
Presented by a practitioner with a multi-disciplinary background in international development, this workshop examines the failures and successes of community development initiatives worldwide, placing you in the shoes of the community. The workshop will be foundational for anyone interested in missions or development work as well as those seeking to improve existing programs in their organization.

Merging the Great Commandment and the Great Commission
Why are Christians called to work with the poor? Why should we be concerned with the physical and spiritual needs of strangers when there is so much need close to home? Does Christian development work look any different from other efforts? Have Christian development efforts actually made a difference? This workshop discusses the holistic approach to ministry and the biblical basis for our involvement in international development.

Hearing from Our Partners
Lifewater is committed carrying out its work by partnering with local organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This workshop will feature representatives of several Lifewater partners sharing experiences and perspectives from Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Ecuador. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from these experienced development practitioners!

Share the Commitment: How to Get Involved
Interested in working with Lifewater to ensure that everyone has access to safe water, adequate sanitation, hygiene education, and knowledge of Jesus’ love? This workshop will offer a meaningful ways for people of all interests, availability, and skills to get involved.

Enjoy an informal discussion with renowned photographer Gil Garcetti about his experiences in photography. Garcetti has authored Water is Key, a book of photography on the importance of safe water in Africa featuring articles from Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan. Garcetti will share advice on how to tell a story through pictures and how to respect the people and places in front of the lens.

Appropriate Water Development
There are many ways to get safe water, but not all are suited for rural villages. This workshop will provide an overview of the water development methods that Lifewater has found effective.

Technical Forum on Water Development
Choose water-related questions that interest you, and a panel of Lifewater experts will respond. Topics the panel may discuss include the technical details of well drilling, hand pump repair, biosand filters, water testing, and new technologies that Lifewater is exploring.

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